The Moscow Magic & Comedy Show!

                                        Starring VICTOR ZENKO
                 7:30 PM  Every Wed, Thur, Fri & Sat, from June 10 to September 5, 2015  
            THE HALL in OTTER CREEK - On Route 3, just 5 miles from downtown BAR HARBOR                              

    Victor Zenko performs a Levitation in The Hall at Otter Creek.

      Audience Members Rave About The Show!                  Victor Juggles Clubs with his daughter Nadia!

        OUR AUDIENCE SPEAKS                                                   

"I saw Chris Angel in Las Vegas. Victor was better!" 

"The most impressive performance I have ever seen!"

"The tricks dazzled. The show was riotous from start to finish."  

"This was the highlight of our vacation!"

"To those thinking about entertainment during your visit to Bar Harbor, don't think twice. Victor is top notch in both magic skills and comedy. Enjoy!"

"Like all great magicians I left saying, 'How the heck did he do that?!"

"It felt like I was floating on a cloud." (Girl from the audience who was levitated.)

"The name really says it all! When I wasn't laughing it was because I was at a loss for words at how amazing some of the illusions were.  Make the trip to see this show!    


"If you appreciate a smaller, more intimate theater setting, some good belly laughs and lots of smiles, and clean, wholesome entertainment you don't want to miss this show!"

"We drove from New Hampshire to see the show and we all agreed that the drive was beyond worth it! The illusions of Victor Zenko kept our minds baffled and our jaws open through the entire performance. We will definitely be back!"

"I'm still smiling about seeing The Moscow Magic & Comedy Show! I went with a friend and my 18-year old daughter. We all had a blast!"

"A truly remarkable show you won't see anywhere else, a must see for the whole family!"

Derrick Johnson - NFL Wide Receiver


The Moscow Magic & Comedy Show, starring Victor Zenko, is a professionally produced 90-minute performance filled with Incredible Illusions, Hilarious Comedy, and Adventurous Audience Participation. 

Whether you are staring in awe as Victor floats an audience member above the stage, laughing hysterically as he demonstrates his ability as a Human Lie Detector, or applauding wildly as Victor cuts himself in half, The Moscow Magic & Comedy Show will be one of the highlights of your visit to Bar Harbor!

PLEASE NOTE: There are only 50 seats available for each performance. Please Buy Tickets Now to avoid disappointment!

Victor Zenko performs a levitation on Sand Beach in Acadia National Park in the early 1990s. (Photo Credit - Klyne Studio.)

                   VICTOR ZENKO

From Moscow to the Black Sea, and from Tokyo to Naples, Magician Victor Zenko has received rave  reviews from his decidedly Russian take on Illusions, Comedy, Juggling, Ventriloquism and Audience Participation.

At age 19 he was chosen as a Gold Medal Finalist by the International Brotherhood of Magicians for his incredible ability to manipulate a deck of playing cards. 

Since then he has gone on to appear at some of the top theaters, clubs, resorts, and television shows in the world including The Magic Castle in Hollywood, the Golden Phoenix Casino Showroom in Reno, the Walt Disney Amphitheater in Orlando, and CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, as well as performances in Italy, Germany, Japan, and of course Russia. 

After seeing Victor perform at the Saenger Performing Arts Center in New Orleans, David Copperfield, the greatest illusionist of our time, said, "The audience loved you."

Michael Miclon of The Early Evening Show says, "The accent is Russian but, the show is out of this world!"

Don't miss The Moscow Magic & Comedy Show starring Victor Zenko!!! Only 50 seats available for each performance. Avoid disappointment and BuyTickets Now!


CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood

The Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA

Golden Phoenix Showroom, Reno, NV

John Hancock Theater, Boston, MA

Walt Disney Amphitheater, Orlando, FL

Arizona Biltmore Resort, Phoenix, AZ

Saenger Performing Arts Center, New Orleans, LA

Theater of the Young Spectators, Bryansk, Russia

Festa Americana, Naples, Italy

Cherry Blossom Festival, Atsugi, Japan

Kellar Theater, Giessen, Germany

Norwegian & Carnival Cruise Lines

Gold Medal Finalist - International Brotherhood of Magicians

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