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You too can learn the amazing secrets of magic & illusion to astound and amaze your friends and family.

BIG MAGIC FOR LITTLE HANDS - Only $25.00 Postage Paid!

25 Astounding Illusions for Young Magicians by Joshua Jay. Hardback, 112 Pages. Recommended for ages 7 and up

Big Magic for Little Hands is packed with 25 astonishing illusions for kids ages 7 and up. In other words, it’s sleight of hand for the small of hand. These are tricks that require little prep time and dexterity yet are guaranteed to deliver a big payoff. The large format, over sized text, and black-and-white vintage-style illustrations make Big Magic particularly easy to follow and kid-friendly. Here’s how to levitate your sibling several feet off a bed. Escape Houdini-like from tightly bound ropes. There are also impromptu effects that can be performed anytime, anywhere, like Spook-Key, in which an antique key mysteriously rotates in your hand. Each easy-to-perform feat is clearly illustrated with step-by-step drawings and accompanied by insider tips. 

Joshua Jay is a master who guides his apprentices through every aspect of the magician’s art, from the first step—taking the Magician’s Oath—to how to minimize nervousness.

SPECTACULAR MAGIC SHOW! - $40.00 Postage Paid in the U.S.    

Did you know performing magic tricks can help your kids' self-esteem, public speaking, communication, verbal, and critical thinking skills? This deluxe magic set is a perfect gift for kids ages 8 and up! With these easy-to-learn tricks and high quality props, kids will become master magicians in no time! 

Turn a glass into a bottle, pass balls through a cup, vanish a handkerchief, and much, much more! An instructional DVD is included to help your child learn fun magic tricks with ease! 

JAWDROPPERS 4 DVD Set - LEARN 80 DIFFERENT TRICKS! - Only $16.00 with Free Shipping in the U.S.!

The JawDroppers ' DVDs show each trick performed by Larry Anderson, followed by a step-by-step explanation of how you too can amaze your own friends with very little practice. 

Learn just one JawDropper and make just one impression, and you'll see how much these tapes are really worth!

4 Easy-To-Follow DVDs

Over 7 Hours of Amazing Secrets & Explanations - 81 Killer Magic Tricks, Coin Tricks, Card Tricks & More

Concise Step-By-Step Instruction - Designed for Non-Magicians - No Sleight-of-Hand Necessary 

No Special Magic Props Needed - Easy To Learn and Do - Fun & Entertaining Just To Watch - Guaranteed Ice-Breakers...

Anytime, Anywhere!

Free Bonus Svengali Deck10 Bonus Svengali Deck Tricks!

DVD VOLUME 1: OUT OF THIN AIR  - 21 Off-The-Cuff Stunners Using Everyday Items - 95 Minutes

DVD VOLUME 2: READY, SET, GO - 20 Tricks That Require An Ounce of Set-up, But Deliver a Ton of Impact - 116 Minutes

DVD VOLUME 3: WELL WORTH IT  - 17 More Advanced Tricks That Take Your Magic To The Next Level - 109 Minutes

DVD VOLUME 4: CARDS, CARDS, CARDS -  13 Amazing Card Tricks You Can Master in Minutes PLUS 10 Bonus Tricks with the Svengali Deck - 120 Minutes

AMAZING CARD MAGIC KIT - Only $20.00 with Free Shipping in the U.S.!

Want to become a master magician with a deck of cards? This is the magic set for you!!!

Designed by professional magicians, this magic set is the perfect introduction to card magic. It inlcudes:

-125 Tricks Magic Tricks With a Regular Deck of Cards Booklet

-101 Card Tricks With Trick Cards Booklet

-Royal Magic Universal Deck (deck of trick cards)

-Deck of playing cards

-Royal Magic Miracle Card Case

With this kit you'll become and expert card magician in no time!

MAGIC SVENGALI DECK & DVD - Only $18.00 with Free Shipping in the U.S.!

The Svengali Deck is one of the most popular and versatile trick deck of cards. If you want to perform miracles with virtually no skill, look no further than the Svengali Deck. Imagine causing cards to change place, jump up through the deck, change from one card to another, and so much more. Look like a sleight of hand expert - like a true magician - all without years of practice.

In this DVD, World Champion FISM Gold Medal Winning Close- Up Magician, Daryl, takes you step by step on the many uses of this versatile trick deck of cards. Daryl is renowned as one of the world's finest magic teachers. Here, he shares his years of knowledge and expertise so you, too, can be the life of the party amazing your friends, family and colleagues.  If you have ever wanted to do incredible card magic, grab your Svengali Deck and let Daryl guide you down the essential road to miracles. INCLUDES ONE SVENGALI DECK.